Meet Joey & Jen


Born out of our love for travel

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...we have become quite the frequent visitors of the Teton Valley. After traveling the nation and sampling different resorts, condos and vacation rentals, we decided to make our way back home and purchase a cabin for our family.

My husband and I are originally from Tampa, Florida but have been out west for 20+ years! We love the mountains and all the travels we have made through them. No matter what season, there is always some outdoor adventure to experience. We have two beautiful boys and fell in love with the Teton Valley a few years ago on one of our visits with the boys. We have had such fond memories in the Valley and decided this would be the perfect place for a second home purchase. We love to travel and have been several places. Besides the Teton Valley our next favorite place to visit is Glacier National park, which is actually just a day trip from Serene Irene's. Ever since our cabin rental visits to the Valley the boys have yearned to have their own family cabin and we wanted to make their dreams come true!



"There is absolutely no substitute for the serenity you feel when you are within the mountains. Come live and breathe your outdoor dreams at Serene Irene's. You will have a vacation of a lifetime right here in the back yard of the Grand Tetons!"


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